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about us

Since 2009, S&A Glass and mirror has been a family owned and operated company located in Katy, TX.

Only S&A Glass and Mirror or has an expert sales force to help you make the appropriate decision when it comes to glass selection, frame finishes and configuration options.

Our professional sales team and installers work with Homeowners, Builders, Designers, Architects and Remodelers throughout the Katy and Houston area. In any project, we are focused on providing quality, custom shower glass at a competitive price with quick and professional Installation.


Frequently asked questions

  • How much is the estimate?
    Our estimates are free. Give us a call and we will have on of our specialist come to your place and go thru all the different options we have to upgrade your shower door or mirror.
  • How do I know I need a new shower door?
    if you find rust or corrosion on the metal, a crack or discoloration on the glass, if the door won’t close or doesn’t fit properly, or you find yourself mopping up after each shower you need a new Shower Door! Also, if you are remodeling a bathroom or building an all new custom bathroom, give us call. Please note, in order for us to give you an accurate estimate, the walls must be finished (i.e. Tile or Marble installed).
  • What is the difference between a Framed unit & a Frameless unit?
    Framed units are the more traditional style of shower doors which include aluminum framework around the glass. Frameless units provide a more contemporary open look as they use a minimal amount of framework around the glass. Both units offer the same amount of safety and stability, so the choice between the two is usually based on taste not necessity. Frameless units are available in 3/8” and 1/2” glass
  • What kind of guarantee will I receive with my new Shower Door?
    Because the installation is custom made to fit your particular bathroom, S&A Glass & Mirror can assure you that your framed unit will not leak and that each door will open and close properly. We offer a one year limited warranty on parts & labor, please ask to see our contract for the details of this warranty.
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